Post Landing Services

“Customer Satisfaction is our moto”

Buddies Group of Consultants provides the following post landing services for applicants who are relocating to a new country.

Basic: Air Tickets, Travel Insurance, Foreign Currency etc

Airport Pick Up: Pick up from the airport

Accommodation: Arrival Accommodation at very economical rates, depending on your budget

Assistance with Financial Transactions: in Transfer of funds from India, applying for opening of a bank account, getting Debit/ATM cards, Credit Card usage, Credit Rating Issues, getting a locker/safety deposit vault from the bank, Government Card and its importance

Orientation: Overview of the country’s socio-economic system, Tax System of the country, Child and Social Welfare schemes, Travelling: Within the city- Various transportation modes – inter-city travelling in buses, tickets, tokens, Transfers, different types of Passes, their use, etc., How to read a map, the bus/train routes and how to follow directions.

Healthcare system: Health Card – How & when to apply, What is temporary Health Insurance and its importance prior to receiving your government health benefits, Walk-in clinics and hospitals – Instructions on how to use them

Telephone: Where to buy telephone calling cards to call overseas. Types of cards and which ones to buy

Driving License information: Where and how to accomplish various stages. Introduction to different Driving schools their contact numbers & Important Telephone Numbers

Permanent Accommodation: Searching for permanent Accommodation, how to go about the same: Types of Accommodation available, Documents required for renting, How to get a phone connection, How to buy a mobile phone, Buying a computer, Internet Service Providers

Job Search: Where to get Employment news, careers etc. Major English/language newspapers and how to order them

Child Education system. Various kinds of schools/Applying for your child’s admission

Orientation: Various Grocery and Departmental and other important places. Religious places and community centres. Development Centre and public libraries.

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Customer Satisfaction is our moto

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Buddies Group of Consultants was founded as a Canadian based firm with a group of expert professionals who are providing services to Foreign Nationals to explore India with the opportunities of travelling, investments in Real Estate and Assistance in collaborations in field of Education.

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